We are proud of the many long-term business relationships we have with our clients. Here is a list of just a few of them.

AnnLeo Inc. Vendor Management Solutions...

PrimeForce Medical Staffing has been a valuable supplier for our Vendor Management Service in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They have provided quality CNA, LPN and RN candidates and temporary employees for us at multiple facilities. We at annLeo recommend them for your registry.



Health International
We have been working successfully with PrimeForce Medical Corp for more than 2 years now. Since the agency knows exactly what we are looking for, I can completely trust that they will send me the best applicants. Anyone who comes to me from PrimeForce Medical Corp has a great chance of getting the job.

Paul Hayden, CEO, Health International
 Kaplan Univ.
All of the students that we've referred to PrimeForce have been able to find employment and continue to give great referrals to new grads to also inquire with PrimeForce to find jobs- Sue, HR Manager Kaplan U. 
 St. Charles Health
I have not publicly advertised a job in years. One call to PrimeForce Medical Corp is enough to find some good Lab techs
 Carl, Lab Manager